Encho Indie Studio Encho Indie Studio is a game design research lab, then it's a game development studio. The plan is to explore new gameplay, different from what players got used to. Research and develop new mechanics and question market-established models. The aim is to reach immersive experience through game mechanics, playable by any person and not only experienced gamers. But these games must maintain its experimental aspect, meaning that they must have room to fail. They can't possibly maintain their innovative characteristics if they are dependable on financial success. That's why the studio also focus on studying new funding methods, and how to keep this kind of experimental work alive. Of course this also means most of our content will be really accessible, mostly free. The studio also represent an idea of independent and horizontal game production. No publishers, no CEO, no company copyrights. Workers keep their work and also profit from it when there is profit being made by it. This will only be fully achieved after a trusting community emerges from these ideas being spread. Until then, consider these ideas to improve your own workspace and work ethics. We will meet at some point in the future and share our experiences. You can follow the studio also on:
(content up to 2020 only in Portuguese)