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Tabletop Games

Looking for Home

A solo story game about smoothing out a crumpled past Lingering memories still haunt while trying to experience something new somewhere else. The games treats the frailty of crumpled paper to represent the endurance of resources and relations. As the player continuously unwrap his past, at some point there might be possibility for closure… maybe a way to go back, but perhaps liberty to find a new home. Looking for Home is an intimate, personal game. You should play it alone, and its stories should reflect your core, your heart... or your character’s, of course. Yes, the main character can be you, using your real life experiences to create a meaningful storyline. Winning or losing isn’t the purpose of this game, but they are possible endings. The goal, though, is the path, the journey, the experiences. Buy on:

Tales of the Galleon

English version coming late 2020 A role playing game for the dogs of the sea. 3 to 6 players will create the legend of a vessel sailing during the gold age of piracy. The story goes around the galleon, resisting many different crew along its lifetime, cruel and ruthless captains, raising many different flags, seeking infamous pirates, and conquering valuable treasure along the Caribbean islands. Players will create the ship, its pirate crew, and also their main enemies, challenges, and rewards. Everything. All creation in the game is collective. The rules are designed to be read during the game, divided among players. Each takes responsibility of one or more game mechanics, allowing a fast start even for novice players. Portuguese version:

Brigade of Four

English version coming late 2020 A game about silence, disobedience and coming of age, after the abuse of a life devoted to war. 4 players take over the roles of four archetypes: the Example, the Reprimanded, the Excluded, and the Loner. Each one has their own triggers to take control over the storytelling, and decide how to lead the group. If they don't have control, they stay silent and do as they're told. The game has a main storyline, presented through cards that will propose events, tasks, or hard choices for the players to make. The game was created to evoke a feeling of opression. The story talks about sex, violence, bigotry, self discovering... and above all the natural human necessity of relating, communicating, socializing. How could one that never got to be accepted by own merits, silently obeying for a whole life, not recognizing that body as its own. Portuguese version:


Proper english version coming someday in the future... A game of discovering stories through the pulses of time. 3 to 5 players will investigate the origins of a random event, going back in time and space to find out what past events led to that moment. Each event will generate ripples that will be drawn by players in a time map, representing the impact of its relevance in history, and crossing the echoes of other story elements. The investigators will go back and forward in time unveiling, or creating, new information as the game goes on. A fast and fun random story creation tool that offers limitless possibilities. Portuguese version: